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CYRUNS is a leading name in corporate employees fitness, health events & fitness coaching.CYRUNS aims to create awareness & integrating fitness as a part of daily life for people.

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Corporate Training

CYRUNS believes an active and healthy body leads to an active and healthy mind.  A very well-established fact that a healthy employee contributes more productively to an organization and the organizations realizing the importance of health & wellness as integral part of corporate philosophy, we at CYRUNS have conducted several corporate training programs and designed them as per the company and employees goals.  To keep the employees engaged and stick to the training programs, CYRUNS has designed them according to the interests of the employees, yet making sure that it gives them optimum benefits with regards to fitness.  CYRUNS has conducted a 16-week training program with Adani Group to and enabled maximum participating in their upcoming Adani Marathon.  Likewise, we have also trained employees and conducted workshops on Fitness First at Eris Lifescience, E-Clinicalworks, Akumentis, PDPU, JBM Group, BNI India, etc. to stress the importance of Fitness in today’s otherwise sedentary lifestyle.