Expert Tips For Running for Weight Loss

Running happened as a sport in 776 ancient Greece in the town of Olympia. Its origin can be traced back to around 2,700 years ago, however in the 16th century earlier there were mentions of so called jogging which was practiced by swordsmen as pre-battle training.  Modern day runners today are far ahead from their ancestors and have made running an integral part of their daily routine. Apart from weight loss, running releases hormones called endorphins also known as happy hormones which uplifts our mood and keeps us energetic throughout the day.

You will find some expert tips for running for weight loss in this blog.

Running can be defined as a gait in which at some point the feet is off the ground at the same time. It is a physical activity which is in the form of both anaerobic exercise and aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise is carried out in the presence of oxygen giving energy to sustain the needed efforts while anaerobic exercise is carried out in the absence of oxygen where in our bodies use glycogen and fat as fuel.

In addition in 1897 the most popular Boston Marathon was born which led to great popularity amongst the modern day runners and that is from where running actually picked up as sport. Most runners now a days engage themselves in running as a form of mental therapy and others use it as a socializing tool. It has majorly become an important part of an athlete’s routine. Male runners were found more active initially while the women came into picture a little later.

The popularity of running is far from declining with 715 marathons organized in US alone, it has slowly and gradually become more of a well-developed industry. Running is far from different from the early days and hence it has become a favorite recreational sport of so many athletes and considering the mental health and fitness benefits we can say that it will remain a well-liked sport for many more years to come.

While thinking about sports the first thought that comes to mind is lose weight by running.If we talk about Weight loss it normally means decrease in body weight due to self-imposed diet or it could be due to unintended circumstances. Currently 72% of men and 63% of women are obese worldwide who fall in the category of BMI having 30 or greater. People who are obese are supposed to have more fat in the body then the normal ones which could result in a number of diseases starting from High Blood pressure to Heart stroke. 


After going through the above techniques let us connect running with weight loss, running not only burns calories but also helps in building strength and endurance. Combining a proper running plan with adequate cross training like cycling, swimming or strength training and a healthy diet helps increase the level of fitness.

Ideally it is recommended to run for 3 days a week but can vary from person to person depending on the type of a runner he is, beginner, intermediate, advanced. Which runner are you? 2 Days you need to cross train/strength train with including hills one day, followed by 1 rest day and normally long run on a weekend. It is recommended to finish your dinner early before sunset.


There are innumerable exercises to train to become a better athlete keeping in mind the purpose behind engaging in them. While we are talking about running weight loss tips in this blog let us take an insight into these exercises and how are they undertaken and what could be the benefits out of them.


The most common and the best exercise to reduce the belly and get a flat stomach would be High Intensity Interval Training, Hill Workout and Yasso 800s. These are the most popular workout techniques known to the athletes to lose weight faster. Each one of us including the teens now a days have become health conscious and prefer to stay fit and have a toned body and to have that perfect belly and tummy the above exercises will generate results faster if done consistently. With proper training and proper guidance the results could be achieved in the targeted time and are easily do-able.

High intensity interval running for weight loss is more commonly known as HIIT is the one of the most effective tool to shed that extra fat in the body. It burns more calories than the cardio exercises before and after the workout whether it is burning calories in the gym, climbing the stairs or cycle sprints. It is a rigorous workout exercise and can be worked out both at the gym and at home too. Climbing stairs is also a strenuous exercise but helps in reducing the weight faster and keeps the breathing controlled.

Another form of an essential workout is Hill workout or climb hills or hill repeats, it is normally said that to become a strong runner you must climb hills and include in one of the days in your daily workout schedule as it helps to make your muscles strong and improve your stride length. Climbing hills up and down helps to burn more calories, helps to keep our glutes and legs toned and build a strong core. The next day definitely has to be a light run/walk day.

Yasso 800’s is another popular workout under taken by the athletes who want to achieve a specific marathon goal. The name Yasso is derived from Bart Yasso who popularized this workout. These are specially performed on the tracks with running 10×800 meter tracks for two rounds till the desired consistent time is achieved to shoot the marathon target. This workout makes the athlete more confident in fulfilling his targeted time to run a marathon.

My intention of writing this blog is simple which focusses on my thoughts, ideas and views on running as a sport and how can it help in weight loss. Being a runner myself reading this blog post will give you all a fair idea on what running is all about, what kind of  workout exercises will help in reducing the belly and shed those extra pounds faster if followed regularly rather consistently as it is said “Consistency is the key to Success”.

I hope that after reading this blog you will get an idea to explore the runner in you, identify your running goals, your weight loss goals which will motivate you to train consistently throughout the year and keep you focused with a proper running plan, healthy diet, and proper sleep in order to achieve those goals and make you elated once you have accomplished it.