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Marathon Training

CYRUNS believes in structured training when it comes to any kind of sports activity, especially running.  Although running is considered as a very  basic activity, a lot of science goes into it in terms of running to one’s full potential while being injury-free.  Our team of very experienced, knowledgeable & certified coaches provide a customized and in-depth assessment and training schedule to each individual with various running types such as Base Run, Long Run, Progression Run, Sprints, Hill Repeats, Tempo Run, Interval Run, and Recovery Run.  CYRUNS make sure that training for any run is a smooth process, no matter what an individual is training for, be it from being a non-runner to running 5K or gradually transitioning into running 10K, half marathon and eventually a full marathon or an ultra marathon.  Not only does CYRUNS make sure that an individual is practicing and utilizing his full potential, but we also give utmost importance to working on building strength, stability, balance, flexibility and taking utmost care of nutrition, which all work hand-in-hand in achieving one’s marathon goal.