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CYRUNS is a leading name in corporate employees fitness, health events & fitness coaching.CYRUNS aims to create awareness & integrating fitness as a part of daily life for people.

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Training To Be A Coach

What could be more satisfying than having a career that one is most passionate about!!! CYRUNS in association with UESCA, USA provides Running & Triathlon Coach Certification programs in India. Both the running & triathlon coach certification consists scientific based online training modules that can also be downloaded via PDF format. The modules represent the latest in research-based sports science and are designed to be an all-encompassing resource for those looking to become certified running coaches. These cover all aspects that are critical to being a well-rounded running coach and takes a deep dive into all areas of the certification to ensure that one is fully educated on the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of each area. These certification programs not only aids one to become a coach but is also very beneficial to an individual on a personal level.