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CYRUNS is a leading name in corporate employees fitness, health events & fitness coaching.CYRUNS aims to create awareness & integrating fitness as a part of daily life for people.

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Marathon Training

CYRUNS believes in structured training when it comes to any kind of sports activity, especially running.  Although running is considered as a very  basic activity, a lot of science goes into it in terms of running to one’s full potential while being injury-free.  Our team of very experienced, knowledgeable & certified coaches provide a customized and in-depth assessment and training schedule to each individual with various running types such as Base Run, Long Run, Progression Run, Sprints, Hill Repeats, Tempo Run, Interval Run, and Recovery Run.  CYRUNS make sure that training for any run is a smooth process, no matter what an individual is training for, be it from being a non-runner to running 5K or gradually transitioning into running 10K, half marathon and eventually a full marathon or an ultra marathon.  Not only does CYRUNS make sure that an individual is practicing and utilizing his full potential, but we also give utmost importance to working on building strength, stability, balance, flexibility and taking utmost care of nutrition, which all work hand-in-hand in achieving one’s marathon goal.


CYRUNS believes that in order to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle, fitness should top one’s priority list.  CYRUNS has an in-depth understanding with regards to fitness, be it an individual training for any particular event, general health and well-being, or being a regular gym rat.  We at CYRUNS understand the basic requirement of our clients and customize their fitness programs accordingly. We provide fitness workouts such as working with weights, bodyweight training, core strengthening, leg circuits, and drills along with neurocognitive training.  Further to facilitate and provide even more efficiency to the workouts, CYRUNS has a fitness studio, CYRUNS FIT, that functions with these intricate details in mind.

Event Based Training

CYRUNS understands that training for one event is totally different from that of another.   Keeping that in mind, our expert team of experienced and skilled coaches customize and design an effective training program that fits into the client’s schedule to prepare the client for the race day and achieve his goal.  Not only does this include a very effective and structured training routine but also a very client-specific nutrition and meal planning.  CYRUNS also plans and creates race day strategizes after making an in-depth observation and study of the client’s strengths and shortcomings during the whole course of the training.  We at CYRUNS have helped clients run and achieve their PBs at special events like Satara Hill Half Marathon, Khardungla Marathon, Tata Mumbai Marathon, Comrades Marathon and World Major Marathons.

Kids Training

CYRUNS believes that fitness should be incorporated during early stages of life.  We strive to build a strong foundation for young people thereby enabling them to create healthy and active life.  A child is not a miniature version of ADULT – They need to be treated differently.  Going by this belief, we have created a specialized BASECS FIT program for kids in which we work on Balance, Agility, Strength, Stamina, Endurance, Coordination, Speed, Flexibility and Intensity training.  We also have specialized kids workout and training batches conducted at our CYRUNS FIT studio keeping in mind that fitness in terms younger generation is very different from fitness with regards to adults.

Corporate Training

CYRUNS believes an active and healthy body leads to an active and healthy mind.  A very well-established fact that a healthy employee contributes more productively to an organization and the organizations realizing the importance of health & wellness as integral part of corporate philosophy, we at CYRUNS have conducted several corporate training programs and designed them as per the company and employees goals.  To keep the employees engaged and stick to the training programs, CYRUNS has designed them according to the interests of the employees, yet making sure that it gives them optimum benefits with regards to fitness.  CYRUNS has conducted a 16-week training program with Adani Group to and enabled maximum participating in their upcoming Adani Marathon.  Likewise, we have also trained employees and conducted workshops on Fitness First at Eris Lifescience, E-Clinicalworks, Akumentis, PDPU, JBM Group, BNI India, etc. to stress the importance of Fitness in today’s otherwise sedentary lifestyle.

Online Training

CYRUNS has spread its reach globally not only in terms of conducting events but also by providing scientific training online. We provide customized & comprehensive training program across the globe . The program is specifically designed keeping in mind an individual’s daily routine and is guided with regards to the training program, strengthening workouts and nutrition. We also connect one-on-one with our trainees online via personal calls, App, WhatsApp and other virtual mediums for daily updates and progress.

Training To Be A Coach

What could be more satisfying than having a career that one is most passionate about!!! CYRUNS in association with UESCA, USA provides Running & Triathlon Coach Certification programs in India. Both the running & triathlon coach certification consists scientific based online training modules that can also be downloaded via PDF format. The modules represent the latest in research-based sports science and are designed to be an all-encompassing resource for those looking to become certified running coaches. These cover all aspects that are critical to being a well-rounded running coach and takes a deep dive into all areas of the certification to ensure that one is fully educated on the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of each area. These certification programs not only aids one to become a coach but is also very beneficial to an individual on a personal level.