Treadmill vs running outside Which is best for runners ?

Which one is better – Treadmill or Road?

The debate on treadmill running vs outdoor running has quite often been a topic of discussion among teenagers and runners since the primeval times. Treadmill running is basically an electrical exercise machine which is used for running and walking at the gym or at home. While outdoor running is an act of practicing running on the road mainly for fitness and exercise. Although there is no correct or wrong answer to the discussion between treadmill v/s outside running and both the methods have their own set of pros and cons depending on individual trainings needs and goals. We shall further put more light on both these aspects and have a look on their positives as well the negatives just like the coin has two sides.

Treadmill v/s Running Outside for Weight Loss

Although there are varied views and opinions on treadmill running vs running outside most fitness professionals agree unanimously that more calories are burnt on running outside as compared to treadmill. The number of calories that are burnt while exercising tells us the intensity of your workout and the rate of oxygen that is consumed by you. Distance can be easily covered on a treadmill then on the road hence it requires more oxygen consumption to cover the distances which leads to more amount of calories burnt.

Difference between Running Outdoor and a Treadmill

Whether you run a treadmill or outside the main difference is that the energy cost of running on the treadmill is relatively lower then running outside as you don’t have to push yourself against any wind resistance. One more thing athletes experience is that even if the effort level is the same with any workout or even if they run at the same pace on the treadmill they will surely expend more energy while running outside with the same pace. Outdoor runners tend to face this kind of a situation many times specially if they are a no voice in running.

Difference Between Running Outside and On a Treadmill

Running Outdoor means running on different terrain including hills so it requires more hamstring and glute activation to push your body forward specially while climbing hills. It also helps in leg strengthening and ankle flexibility then treadmill running. While treadmill running can be done at home or at the gym at your own comfortable time and pace and you sweat less as compared to road running.

Benefits of running on Road

  • No Gym or equipment is required
  • You just need a good pair of running shoes
  • You can even run while on travelling and explore the routes nearby your hotel
  • It is very motivating, refreshing and stress free
  • It burns more calories
  • Releases happiness hormones called endorphins which uplifts the mood and keeps us energetic throughout the day.
  • Improves cardio vascular health
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Helps build immunity
  • Helps in better digestion
  • You can make good running friends
  • You can explore many exciting routes

Disadvantages of Road Running

  • There is risk of injuries
  • Bad weather conditions
  • Disturbance of dogs while running on road
  • Any other mishaps
  • Listening music could be dangerous while running

Benefits of Treadmill Running

  • There are no weather or any other temperature restraints
  • You can run at your convenient time and place
  • You can listen to your favorite music or podcast
  • Pace can be controlled
  • You can multi task
  • You can do it at home if you are not a gym person
  • Its easier on joints
  • No Gym membership required

Disadvantages of Treadmill Running

  • You have to keep moving in the same direction
  • You cannot run downhill
  • You cannot make any turns
  • It could be boring sometimes

Though there could be many more reasons and opinions as to which kind of running is better but the above points will give a fair idea about both the pros and cons of treadmill running v/s outside running depending on the intensity of the workout, your interest as a person whether you would prefer treadmill or road running, taking into consideration the positives and negatives of both you can definitely choose for yourself which is better for you.